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19 October
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My LJ is mainly fannish in nature (Smallville, Merlin, Books, Movies, All Things Chloe Sullivan, Pretty People, Pretty Pictures). Sometimes I venture out of the fandom bubble to talk about real life issues but those entries are locked so you won't be subjected to them if you stumble across my LJ.

Chloe Sullivan of Smallville rocks my pretty stripy socks and my entries reflect that. There is much love for her and general squeeing of anything and everything Chloe Sullivan and Allison Mack related.

I write fanfiction whenever inspiration strikes. The bulk of it is in the Smallville fandom with a smattering of Merlin thrown in for good measure.. I also write poetry, shayari and original stories. Most of these sit prettily in my folders on my computer and are never made public.

When I grow up, I want to invent a time machine so I can LIVE my love of history rather then read about it.

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