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Fic: A Tale Of Two Heroes

Title: A Tale Of Two Heroes
Ship: Chloe/Oliver
Summary: Chloe teases Ollie at the rumours taking the internet by storm. Set after Fortune and before Dominion.


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Um hi! I'm kinda on LJ again. I don't even know where to begin filling you guys in with RL over the last few months so I thought I'd post fannish first and ease myself back in.

Also missed this place. And everyone!



Frog, the short film Allison Mack filmed a couple of years ago is now on Youtube. Go watch. Not embedding because I want the video to get hits and embedding screws that up so clickity click!

She looks beautiful by the way and is very unlike Chloe. Interesting watch.

(@mclayfield the writer and  @wordslikepuzzls the director are on twitter if you have any feedback)

Also HI!!!

The End

I wasn't going to make a 'The end is neigh' post but having read the numerous posts made by my flisties over the last few days, I couldn't let today pass without comment after all.

Smallville is not my favourite show of all time or the one I love the most but it is the one that I've invested the most time and energy in. I think I found the show and the fadom at the most exciting time for Chloe fans. Hiatus after season five was a magical time and I lurked and squeed and flailed and dreamed of possibilities and then came the spoilers about Jimmy.

That pretty sums up my Smallville experience in a nutshell. It's been a rollercoaster but happily one that I was able to share with people who became my friends.

I mean seriously, people have had babies, gotten married, broken up, graduated, found jobs, been fired, supported each other, met up and just been all around amazing. I love my corner of fandom and I love the connections I've made and I don't think this experience will ever be repeated again for me. Not with another show. Not with another fandom.

I have my issues with the show but I'm thankful that it brought so many of you into my life!

ETA: Allison Mack and Tom Welling will never not be the most adorable people ever.


Allison Mack will be a guest on The Everything Film Show (radio) (@FilmShow on twitter) on Thursday 12th May. The show airs live every Thursday at 7:30 p.m. PST/10:30 p.m. EST.

I think you can call in and email live during the show but they've said they will update with more info soon.

Anyone Listening?

Tom's doing a radio show with his wife and listeners can call in with questions. Anyone listening and/or planning to call in?

Fic: Moments In Time

Title: Moments In Time
Characters/Pairing: Chlollie
Spoilers: Pretty much everything up till Salvation (9.22)
A/N: A companion piece to Next Time and follows the same canon.

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Comments would be adored :)


I was reading over some of the comments on my old fic and I realized that almost every single one of them has a comment by someone who passed away recently. Although we were never very close, it just reminded me how sweet she was and I wish I'd been more active on her LJ. It makes me very sad that I wasn't.



Carina MacKenzie (@cadlymack on twitter) just confirmed that Allison Mack does not have a part on HBO's Girls. She was asked by a few of us to look into it yesterday and she's great for getting to it so soon but I'm so disappointed. Damn them, they don't know what they're missing out on.

The One Where Allison Hugs Everyone...

Funtimes from the 200th Episode party where there was much hugging and smiling and arm punching! Most geelful times ever!

Tom and Allison hug and smile!




I really do love Kristin Kreuk

She was asked if she would watch the Smallville finale. Her response here. Basically a no.

Of course she was slated by many. Calling her ungrateful. Stuck up. A bitch. Just the Smallville fandom showing how classy it is. Once again.

She had this to say on her official facebook account:

Okay, I will answer this... Please appreciate how delicate I want to be with this. There are many people who are just waiting for me to say something that they can hate me for. And there are many people who really want the best for Lana. And there are many people who want the best for Smallville itself. As do I. I want the best for the show and for the character I played.

Part One of my answer:To be honest, I do not believe there was ever a real offer for me to come back. Though, I am pretty sure that if I showed interest in returning Kelly and Brian would find a way to fit me in.

Part Two of my answer: I may be in the minority, but I thought Lana's story ended well. I liked that she gained inner strength and was able to handle the metaphorical power of her suit. That she had the courage to walk away from Clark, that her commitment to a greater good outweighed her very human desire to be with Clark. That she saw that her love for Clark would never diminish, even if they could not be in the same vicinity. And that if she did not do her best in the world, if she did not do the best she could for humanity, that would counter some of the very reasons she loved Clark in the first place. She loved his nobility, strength of purpose, kindness and drive to help others. To deny that in herself would have been to deny that very thing she found beautiful. I find that beautiful and tragic.

So, what I am saying is... I think her story is done. I am not sure how her coming back changes Clark's story any longer. He has moved forward. As he was always supposed to do. As Lana would have wanted him to do.

I may be missing something, but those are my long-ass thoughts.

Any more questions?

And also this:

There is no personal reason why I am not watching Smallville weekly. Honestly, I never really did. I watched the DVDs when I was given them (part of our contract as actors, we get DVDs after the epi...sode airs). I know people want to make it a drama because the Smallville fandom is so divided, but there is really no drama...

I love her response. It's classy and firm and lays to rest any nonsense being spread about but I hate that she knows how horrible this fandom can be. It makes me really sad!

And I know that many won't agree with her feelings and opinions on Lana's last arc but she's allowed her own thoughts on it and I love that she's standing up for herself.

Reaction to Fortune

1) I have a big Chloe Sullivan sized hole in my heart right now. If she doesn't return for the finale, I'll be deeply traumatised.

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7) I cried my eyes out.

Thinky Thoughts About Masquerade

I think the title may be a lie. Or maybe not. I do have thoughts but I've been struck by the inability to express them. And that's rare for me. Apparently when Smallville is good to Chloe, I lose the ability to think rationally about the show.

I think some reviews touched upon how I feel and expressed my feelings better than I will be able to so here goes:

"Chloe (Allison Mack) has some soul searching to do. No one has undergone more change than her in the course of the show.

"Chloe is a hero in her own right, for oh so many reasons."

- Blog Critics

"The good that came out of the Desaad storyline is that it gave Chloe an opportunity to reexamine some of the recent decisions she has made. The scene with her looking over some old yearbooks really brought home how much her character has developed. She's arguably the character who has experienced the most change on the show.  Chloe has gone through a couple of major transitions, which she mentions. I'm personally still a fan of Chloe 2.0, investigative journalist; just before the writers seemed to lose any sense of what they wanted to do with the character. It's good to have her back now and with a newfound focus."


"Chloe’s torment of being unable to properly identify who she was was wrenching and believable. That’s been the bane of her existence: she’s the woman behind the power, but without her the power would not be half as strong. In many ways she’s stronger than the power. She knows what is right, what she believes in, and she’ll fight for it. But she is not Green Arrow, she is not the Blur. That’s one of the most compelling things about her character: she is a superhero without the super."

- Deamon's TV

"When Chloe admitted that she doesn't know who she is anymore, because she's always defined herself by whatever role she was playing or by the expectations of others, my heart broke for her. She's been through so much in the last ten years that it's not tough to imagine her living without a daily swirling of schizophrenia."

- TV Fanatic

Emphasis mine!

Honestly my heart broke for Chloe. But...this is what I wanted to see from her return. Nothing glossed over, nothing brushed under the carpet...an honest look at her journey and her decisions and more importantly why she made them and how she feels about them. I was desperate for such a scene but I didn't dare to hope that Smallville would fulfill my wish. I hope that the soul searching pays off and that we see where her new founded clarity of mind will take her.

I hope it takes her back to reporting. There did seem to be hint that that might be the direction in which the show will take her.


My favourite thing in the world right now!


Credit: Dean (nogutsnoglory on tumblr) and Chloe (Ilenka on tumblr) Put together by the lovely Sunny.

LJ Smith

It seems all the rumours about LJS being fired from writing The Vampire Diaries are true. She was hired to write the series for Alloy Entertainment and for whatever reason they're obviously not happy with her and have chosen to continue with a ghostwriter.

I'm a little flabbergasted at learning she never owned the rights to the books (this applies to the Secret Circle series too), the fact that she was fired and the way that she let the fans know. Such a mess. I'm also hugely uncomfortable with how she talked about the relationships between the characters to fans in the letters that started all this off. It just all seems so immature and fannish on her part.

I never did read the newer books in the series because I found that her style had changed and I simply didn't enjoy them so much. Maybe it's because there's some genuinely very talented fanfic authors in the LJS fandom who took her world(s) and created some beautiful stories whilst she was on her decade long hiatus.

Regardless, my teenage self is in mourning! I was reading about Vamps, Wolves and Witches when it wasn't in Vogue.


To address issues within the Chloe fandom!

1) I love Chloe. First and foremost. Before any ship. Independent of any other character. She's why I watch this show. She's why I watched it for as long as I have.

2) Chlark will always be my OTP. I don't have to disregard that history because of what is happening now. Why would I? I have eight years of scenes that will always be dear to my heart.

3) I loved and still love reporter Chloe for reasons that have nothing to do with Chlois so I'll bemoan the fact that she no longer writes in any capacity for a long time. Probably forever. There's more than one way to wield power and before she entered the world of superheroes, Chloe managed it with her pen and her wit and intelligence and her snark. That's impressive. She took on the world and the Luthors and the meteor infected before she ever had a moniker. I will always love that.

4) I love Chlollie. They make me melt. I love Ollie for loving her and I love that she has someone in her corner. I love that she has the ability to make him light up and I love that they found each other when they needed each other the most. I don't have any difficulty believing in their relationship. Chlollie is what I have looked forward to most this season.

5) I want Chloe to be happy with what she chooses to do with her life. As long as her path is clear and she is passionate and ambitious and determined, I think I will be ok with how it plays out. Of course this depends on the writers ability to write out a decent closing arc for her. Not rushed. Not random.

6) I don't need or ask anyone to agree with me. I don't even ask that you respect my opinion. I certainly don't respect every opinion in this fandom. I only ask that you respect my right to have an opinion and voice it.

7) I do ask that you be respectful to each other in comments on my journal because I have every type of Chloe fan friended. I will not have anyone called crazy or delusional because they don't think as you do. Hating Chlollie is fine. Hating Chlark is fine. Hating Chloe...means I will judge you but then I watch Smallville so who am I to judge anyone ;)

Henry Cavill, Superman and Stuff

Zach Snyder and co have cast their Superman for the upcoming Man of Steel movie and it's the gorgeous Henry Cavill. My thought process ran something like this when I heard of the casting 1) He's British 2) So gorgeous 3) And he's British 4) So damn gorgeous 5) Seriously he's British 6) Batman and Spiderman are also British. Damn we're taking over the world 7) My God Dawn, laurelnola (she'll know why I though of her).

The reaction has varied from 'OMG he's perfect' to 'he's the worst choice ever' to 'this is all part of Nolan's (who's a producer on the movie) plan to infiltrate the American Superhero franchises with British actors because he's evil'.

Obviously very biased here but I'm fine with him being Supes. Rober Downey Junior played Sherlock Holmes after all and a multitude of non-British actors have played Robin Hood. Gibson played Wallace. The list goes on.

Of course this casting prompted talk of who everyone considers their Superman. And you won't believe it but apparently people have strong opinions ;) 

I was chatting to my sister about how Reeve and Routh looked like Superman should and her answer was that to her t she thinks of Dean Cain when she thinks of Superman. That surprised me but I don't know why. She grew up with Cain as her Superman. We were, as a family, obsessed with L&C when it aired here in the UK and my sister was just a baby but some of her first memories of TV are of Cain as Clark Kent/Superman. We watched the show again and again whilst growing up so of course he's her Superman. It reminded me that it's a pretty personal thing.

Now that Supes is cast, they're finding his Lois Lane. Some names have been bandied about a lot in the media so of course this means it's Poll Time:

Your choice

Rachel McAdams
Rashida Jones
Olivia Wilde
Jessica Biel
Zooey Deschanal

I don't write, I don't call...


A little late but family, work and computer problems have kept me away from the internets. Also I just generally fail at LJ these days. I've gone from posting too much to hardly ever updating. I can't even keep up with comments :( This year, I'll do better.

Anything exciting I missed while I was away?


Long time, no post...

1) Happy Thanksgiving to all those who are celebrating today.

2) It is cold here. Cold and snowy with forecasts of more to come. I expect that the weather will make the news over the next few weeks. It may even push coverage of the Royal wedding to the backburner *shock* *horror* Talking of The Wedding, is it making headlines where you are or is it just the British press going doolally over it?

3) Merlin! I'm not sure how many of you are still watching but the season is drawing to a close and it's been a mixed bag once again. They've screwed up Morgana so badly that I can't quite enjoy the rest of the show. If one thing Smallville did right, it was Lex Luthor. Yes, even with Clexana. He was never a one dimensional, cardboard cutout of a villain, which is what Morgana has become.

Where is the girl from season 1 who spoke out against Uther's tyranny? I can't believe she would want the Crown only to inflict the same pain on Cmaelot's citizens that she tried to protect them from. I can't believe she wouldn't care about Gwen and Arthur. I would much rather they had portrayed her descent in a very different way. Like Lex, I wanted her to want to save the world her own way and find herself knee deep in crap. Oh well.

3) Smallville. Chloe returns soon. We have a flashback scene in the 11th episode and she's been confirmed for 12, 13 and 15. I also assume she's in 14. And that it seems is that. That's all of Allison's five episodes accounted for if we include the premiere. I have no idea what to expect but from these writers, I'm not expecting to be happy with whatever they choose to do. I only hope she gets some focus and leaves happy.

Random tidbit I discovered when reading an old Allison interview, she mentions that a lot of her dad's family are journalists (uncle, granfather) :D

4) Allison Mack is appearing in another off Broadway play called Apple Cove from Feb through to March. I'm ridiculously pleased that she's getting regular stage work and I hope she makes it to Broadway soon.  If you want to follow Women's Project, the theater presenting the show on Twitter, here's where they're at...@WomensProject

If any of you are going to watch her in action, let me know so I can envy you properly.

Riese Day

Watch Riese online at syfy.com. It goes live at 12pm/11c today and Allison Mack is in the first episode. Hits, comments and buzz will determine whether or not this makes it to TV. We want it to make it to TV so watch, spread the word and if you know media peeps who would be interested in covering it, drop them a line.

In other news, I'll have a non-pimping, normal lj post up today too.

Smallville Spoilers

The Torchettes related spoiler from the lovely @catTVSource who is a bit of Chloe fan ♥

I'm intrigued.

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